• Vanky Kataria

Personal Branding Tips: My Top Six Tips

Hey Guys!

I will keep this article short and simple.

From getting rejected to speak at international stages time and time again to being a two time TEDx speaker featured in magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, etc; My journey has been quite lovely.

And, To make it even more lovely, I thought of sharing my personal branding secrets(affiliate link) with you.

Let's explore these one by one:

1.Speaking at stages like TEDx gives a lot of credibility. I have spoken at TEDx BalajiITS and TEDx NorthCapUniversity . It has helped my profile a lot. (Bonus: If you want to speak at TEDx, Don't apply to speak via nomination forms. Nomination forms would rarely get you a TEDx talk. Rather, Focus on getting seen in front of the organisers of TEDx events.)

2. Try getting featured in magazines like Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, etc. When people google your name, These articles help in establishing your credibility.

3. Get featured in podcasts to share your views on your areas of expertise. I recommend using Linkedin boolean search to get connected to podcasts hosts and develop a relationship between them. Hopefully, If you have positioned yourself correctly, then, the podcast himself/herself would reach out to you asking you to be a guest on their show.

4. Writing books is also a great thing to gain credibility. I have heard a lot that a lot of people use books to establish and strengthen their personal brand . So, You might want to write one if you haven't already to establish or take your personal brand to the next level.

5. Guest posting on reliable, accurate and high quality websites also go a long way in helping you develop your personal brand.

6. Be consistent. I remember reading Guy Kawasaki's 'Art of Social Media: Power Points'. (Yup! You guessed it right. The link to the book is an Amazon Affiliate Link. So, I get a commission when you buy the book from this link. So, Go ahead and help me make $$$). It was the firs time, I realise my mistakes in building my personal brand. Like, Initially, My social media profiles had different profile pictures. But, Now, Whether it may be Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin, I keep my profile picture the same. So that, When people like my work on one social media platform and want to follow my work on other social media platforms, then, they can easily get my profile/page there too.

7. No. Not now, Guys! For points 7-14, You will have to wait till the next article. Till then, Enjoy my other articles and you can also choose to follow me here on Linkedin.


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