• Vanky Kataria

Gudi Padwa: Let's Burn The Negativity

Gudi Padwa.

It's the time when we come together and celebrate.

Gudi Padwa is the time when we meet and resonate.

Gudi Padwa is the time when we burn the bad past and get ready for the good future.

Gudi Padwa is the time when we think good for ourselves and for others.

We meet. We greet. We eat.

We take selfies. We post photos. We do what not!

But, Guys, I believe instead of showing off photos to the world that we are happy, why not really be happy?

I mean, Why not solve that health issue that you have been having?

Why not discuss about the problems that you and your spouse have been having?

Why not think about your future goals and try to take simple steps to achieve them?

Guys, With all due respect to everyone's emotions, I do not mean to say that posting photos and videos of our special occasions is bad.

Infact, It's great.

But, What I mean to say is that if we are not happy internally then what's the use of showing it externally and getting 500 likes?

Isn't it, Guys?

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If you agree with what I'm saying, start taking actions and start focusing on your health, wealth, personal relations, work life, and whatever that makes you happy and whatever is important for you.

Guys, This 'Gudi Padwa', Burn the negatives and highlight the positives.

I mean this Gudi-Pawa, Let's try to find out the negativity and the negative points in ourselves so that we can work upon them and improve upon them.

Like, For me, This Padwa, I'm trying to focus more on my health.

I'm trying to improve my exercise regularly and sweat more. It's my goal this Padwa. What's yours?

And, By the positive part, I mean try to find 'positives' in others.

Your best-friend, spouse, mother, dad, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend or whoever special person that maybe in your life may have some bad habits or bad things,but, This Padwa, try to recognise their positive parts and congratulate them about that.

I think that is one thing that is badly needed.

We need to appreciate others who do so much for us.

We need to tell them how much they mean to us and how much we respect them.

Let them know that you love and admire them.

And, Talking about admiration, This article will be absolutely incomplete and worthless if we don't talk about the nurses, doctors, police officers, army officers, bus drivers, train drivers, cleaners, officials and many others who are working day and night so that we all get proper treatment.

In today's challenging situations, I urge you to go ahead and support these real life heroes of our country and other countries by:

Not travelling until extremely necessaryNot spreading rumours or unverified news with friends, family or anyone else.

Not allowing dirt to accumulate in your near by areas.

Not going at parties, events, get-togethers, etc.

Not hosting any social networking events at your home, workplace or anywhere else.Not panicking.

Not going outside if you feel sick or if you have other Covid-19 (Coronavirus) related symptoms.

Guys, I know today's times are difficult as some of you may have lost their job, may have lost your wages or may have lost a loved one, but, Let's be safe and try to follow the guidelines that our government and is providing us.

Together, We can stay safe. We can stay happy.

So, Once again, Guys: Wish you a blissful, happy, safe and an amazing Gudi Padwa ahead!

May this new year bring you joy and happiness.


©2019 by Vanky Kenny Kataria