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How to become a TEDx speaker in India: My Story from 13 Rejections to 2 Time TEDx Speaker


How to become a TEDx speaker in India?

Maybe, How to become a TEDx speaker. I am guessing these are the type of  questions that's running in your mind right now?

vanky kataria speaking at tedx NorthCap university in Gurgaon

Well, of course! That's my you might have come to this article in the first place (silly me!)

So, Let's dive into the article and know how to get a TEDx talk in India or How to become a TEDx speaker in India or anywhere in the world(If you apply the technique that I'm going to share then you might bag your dream of speaking at TEDX)?

Well, before I even share any piece of advice with you regarding this, I want to share with you why I think I might be able to answer your question- How to become a TEDx speaker in India

So, I actually had applied for TEDx talks for around 13 times but guess what I was rejected almost every time.

So, with grace of god and my parents' blessings, after getting rejected for around 13 times, I was invited to give my first TEDx talk at TEDx BalajiITS, Warangal, Telangana.

Yeah! You heard me right! INVITED! Cute! Isn't it? Getting invited for the very platform where around 13 times, you have been rejected!

But, let me share with you one thing. it only gets sweeter! After my first tedx talk in jan, 2019, I had another TEDx talk in February line-up! 

So, two TEDx talks back to back in a couple of months!

So, That's why I wanted to answer this question-  how to get a TEDx talk in India?

So, now that you know why I might be  the right guy to talk about the topic 'How to become a TEDx speaker in India', let me share how I was able to turn the tables!

So, almost after every time I created my TEDx talk proposal and applied for it and got rejected , things got to a point where I realised that this approach might not work.

So, I had to change my way of thinking and way of approaching these TEDx talks and that's when I thought that maybe I'm not properly understanding the 'how to become a TEDx speaker' concept.

So, then I told myself that till now, I was doing sort of outbound marketing(that is I was reaching out to people and asking for the opportunity) and then I thought that to improve my chance I need to focus my attention on inbound marketing.

And, that's when I had a light bulb moment for this 'how to become a TEDx speaker' concept and that's how my ball started rolling.

and, that's when I started focusing even more on my social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook and others. I started branding myself properly.

And with grace of god, I was able to brand myself to a good extent on Linkedin (and that's where I got my first TEDx talk invitation)

vanky kataria shares how to become a tedx speaker as he shares his journey from getting rejected around 13 times to a two time tedx speaker

So, my story's conclusion or my best advice for you to get a TEDx talk would be to brand yourself in such a way that the tedx organisers reach out to you rather than the inverse happening.

Hope this article of 'how to get a TEDx talk in India' helped you and added some value to you.

And by the way, I will leave you by sharing some of the original lines of my first TEDx talk that I delivered at TEDx BalajiITS, Warangal:

vanky kataria sharing how to get a tedx talk in india

Life is a GAME,

The GAME is all about making a NAME,

And, If you want to make a NAME, Then, You gotta take the BLAME.

But, once, You take the BLAME, Then, There will be some SHAME.

Now, Take this SHAME and ignite your FLAME,

Because this FLAME would help you achieve your AIM,

Because you see Life is a GAME

And, The GAME is all about making a NAME!

So, Go out and make your name big, Guys!

I know you can do it. And, You will do it.

So, Now, Maybe, I have added some value to you on the topic- 'How to become a TEDx speaker in India'.

And, Hope this helps in finding you a TEDx talk in India.

And, If you do want to get my 1-1 advice as to how you can do this, Kindly email me at and I will personally revert.

So, Ready for becoming a TEDx speaker in India now?


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