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Facebook Ads: A Beginner's Guide To Understand What The Buzz Is All About


Facebook Ads (Facebook Advertisements) is a platform where we as marketers, businesspeople, freelancers, organizations,etc can pay money to Facebook to reach more people. So, It’s a marketing method. We can run Facebook ads to create more brand awareness, get more leads (potential customers), generate more sales, get more views on our videos, get more likes on our page, get more likes on our posts and so on. 

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But, Before we dive into the details of Facebook Ads, Let’s ask ourselves a question. When we can do Social Media Marketing for free, then, Why do we need advertisements? Here are certain points which would explain why as businesses we may want to consider running advertisements: 

  1. Trying to get more eyeballs for free may take some time. Running advertisements (that is by paying money), We can get more eyeballs faster. So, While organic growth(growth without paying money) may take some time, on the other hand, We can get instant/fast growth through advertisements.

  2. Not all businesses may have a pre-existing following. That is not all businesses may have communities that love the business. So, Such businesses would want to make new fan following and reach people. So, For new businesses, Advertisements are a great way to create brand awareness and reach more people.

  3. Not only new businesses, but, even already existing/old businesses may want to enhance and increase their fanbase and customer list. Even in this, Advertisements can help.

Now, After we learnt why advertising is important. Let’s try to choose what type of advertising methods are available and which one we should choose and why?

We have two types of advertising methods: 1. Traditional ads and 2. Digital(Online) ads.

Traditional ads include ads in Newspapers, TV Channels, Radio Channels, Banners on roads, etc while Online ads include ads on Facebook, Google, etc.

Now, Let’s try to see the difference between Traditional ads and Online ads:

Traditional ads like TV, Newspapers, Radio Channels, etc have their own set of advantages and are still widely used. A lot of advertisers still favor these types of advertising methods. Be it be Facebook or Google or Amazon, Even these giant online companies advertise on traditional platforms like TV, Newspapers, etc. But, Things change with time and with times, Traditional ads have been challenged with Online advertisements. Now, Let’s try to understand what makes these online ads more efficient and what are some of it’s advantages over traditional ads:

  1. Let’s say you own a clothes shop where you sell sarees for women. Now, You have opened this store recently and want to promote it. So, You think where to advertise. Now, Let’s say, You pay money to a leading newspaper and get your ad in that newspaper.  Now, What are the disadvantages here. The problem is that newspapers will be read even by men and boys. Now, These boys and men are mostly aren’t going to buy something from you, but, even then, they are seeing your ad. So, In a way, You are not reaching your target audience(women), but, you are reaching a different set of audience. 

Also, Let’s say that the newspaper ad is seen by some women and out of these women, some where interested in knowing more about your shop, but,maybe because of some work, they kept the newspaper and thought that they will read more about the shop later on after they finish the entire work. But, After these women get involved in their work, there is a very high chance that they will forget about reading the newspaper ad again. So, Can you make sure you reach such women again via  a new ad via a newspaper ad? Nope. Right? That is, In traditional ads, We are not able to re-target people who are interested in our product or service.

Advantage of using multiple Facebook pages and using them for Facebook Ads:

Let’s say that you have a gym in Nashik named ‘Gold Gym’. This is a brand page and when you invite your friends to like this page on Facebook, there are chances that less people would like it because it is a brand’s page. Now, What can I do as this gym’s owner in this case? Simple. I will make one more page: ‘Gym Lovers in Nashik’. Now, This page has no brand name in it, so, Now, When I invite my friends and everyone to like this page, Many people will like this page because it’s more of a community page. That is more people will feel comfortable liking this page. 

But, Here comes the interesting and advantageous part: Because I have access to both the pages that is: Gold Gym and Gym Lovers in Nashik, I can make use of both the pages’ audience. So, If I want to reach people who have liked my page ‘Gym Lovers in Nashik’, then, I can run  a Facebook advertisement from ‘Gold Gym’s page and select the audience of ‘Gym Lovers in Nashik’ that is the ad will can be shown to all the people who liked my Gym Lovers in Nashik’s page.

How and where do we make our Facebook ads:

We make our Facebook ads in ‘Ads Manager’.

To access ‘Ads Manager’, Follow the following steps:

  1. Open and login 

  2. Next, Click on ‘Create’

  3. Then, Select ‘Ad’

  4. Your ‘Ads Manager’ dashboard should get opened now.

Facebook Brand Awareness Ad

Facebook Reach Ad

  1. This type of ad is like a ‘banner’(hoarding) at a traffic signal.

  1. This type of ad is like a banner placed on an auto-rickshaw/bus which travels around the city.

  • Here, You will reach a specific number of people time and time again(again and again).

  • 2. Here, You will reach a maximum number of people not necessarily time and time again.

    1. This ad ensures that people who see this ad will remember your brand name for a specific period of time

    3. This ad does not ensure anything like that.

     Facebook Ad Campaign:

    When we open the ‘Ads Manager’ dashboard, We are first asked to select our objective. The objective basically answers the question:

    Why are we running this advertisement?

    Once, We answer this question, We select the objective of the ad. The objective will vary from business to business and from time to time. For eg: A business would want that people remember his/her brand name, then, they could go for ‘Brand Awareness’ ad or maybe a business would just want to reach maximum number of people, then, the business would select ‘Reach’ as the objective. So, Objective will vary.

    After selecting the objective, We will also be asked the ‘Campaign Name’. The campaign name should be easily rememberable and should help us in the longer term. For eg: If we want to see what ad we ran five years ago near the time of Diwali, then, Our campaign name should help us in it. So, Hence, I could simply name the campaign: ‘Diwali Branding 2015.’


    1. Make a Facebook Ad for branding of a movie(any movie)

    2. Make a Facebook Ad for Staenz. 

    Note: Make one as Brand Awareness and make one as Reach ad and kindly take screenshots of each step as well.

    Facebook Text Overlay Tool:

    Facebook prefers photos in the ads that have no or very less text. But, If we do have to add text to our photo for our Facebook ad, then, How can we check whether the given amount of text is appropriate or not? So, For that, Facebook provides us with a tool referred to as ‘Facebook Text Overlay Tool’. We should try to get the green signal so that the photo which we are going to use gets a thumbs up from Facebook itself.

    Facebook Traffic Ad:

    Sometimes, Our objective will be to bring people(traffic) to a particular website of ours, an app that we are marketing or an app that we own, our messenger or our whatsapp contact number. That is depending on how we want the audience to interact with us, We may select TRAFFIC ad and that too the subtype of it. So, If you have enlisted your products, services, appointment links,etc on your website then, You would want people to come to your website, so, under the ‘traffic’ ad, We will select ‘website’ sub-type. While if we want to drive conversations with the potential customers or answer their queries or solve their problems or do something similar, We may want to select ‘Whatsapp’ or ‘Messenger’ sub-type in the Traffic ad.


    Many times, We would want the audience to interact with our Facebook page for various reasons. Like: Sometimes, We may want to boost the number of Facebook page likes that we have. This can be done so that our credibility increases. Or sometimes, We may have a Facebook post that has already been well appreciated by our existing follower base and hence, We have decided to do an ad to reach even more people so that more people engage with our Facebook post that is we will drive people to like, comment, share, etc our Facebook post. Or sometimes, We may have a seminar/party/get-together that is created in the form of a Facebook event and which needs to be promoted so that it reaches more people. If such is the case, then, In the Engagement ad, We will select the ‘Event Response’ subtype.

    So, The Facebook Engagement ad consists of three subtypes:

    1. Facebook Page Likes

    2. Facebook Post Engagement

    3. Facebook Event Responses

    Facebook Video Views Ad:

    Many a times, It is important to promote a video so that the company/business/person’s goals would be be fulfilled. There can be various objectives that can be fulfilled by this type of ad. For eg:

    1. If there is a Stand-up comedian who wants to get invited to more events, then, it becomes important that his comedy videos reach more people. And, Because this comedian does not have a physical product, but, rather, his videos of him doing comedy is itself the product. Here, This comedian would want a ‘Video Views’ ad.

    1. Or, Let’s imagine that there is a new movie called ‘Baaghi-3’ and the movie’s promotion is to be done online. Now, What’s the best way to promote this movie? Well, It could be to promote the trailer of the movie, right? So, again, this is a video which needs to reach more people, so, We will do a Facebook Video Views ad.

    How to see if a Facebook Page is running any ads?

    If you want to see whether a Facebook page is running ads or not. Then:

    1. Simply search for that page on Facebook.

    2. Open that page and scroll down.

    3. Here, You would see ‘Page Transparency’.

    4. Click on ‘See More’.

    5. Then, Click on ‘Ad Library’.

    6. Then, You can see here which Ads that page is running on Facebook.

    How to let the Facebook page owner give the access to us so that we can Facebook ads for them:

    1. Ask the page owner to open their page on Facebook

    2. Next, Ask them to click on ‘Settings’

    3. Next, Ask them to look for ‘Page Roles’

    4. Now, Ask them to enter your name/email-id in the search box

    5. Next, Ask them to assign you a role of Advertiser/Moderator/Editor or even Admin.

    Facebook Pixel Creation and Connection:

    So, What is Pixel first of all? Facebook pixel is basically a code that helps businesses. HOW? So, To understand that, Let’s take an example: There’s a website ‘’. Their major goal is to sell shoes as the name suggests. So, What they do? They come to Facebook and create a PIXEL. And, Connect this Facebook pixel with their website. WHY? Because now after the pixel is active on their website, whoever comes to ‘’ can be tracked and re-targeted. 

    And, What does that mean? So, Basically, The owners of this website can run a Facebook ad wherein they will tell Facebook that we want our ad to be shown to people who have previously visited our website. So, Basically, We are re-targeting people on Facebook using Facebook ads after they came on our website.

    And, Why is this effective? Because the audience here has already shown interest and by previously visiting our website, so, In a way, We are not marketing in the dark rather we are showing our ads to people who are already interested in buying our products and services.

    How to add the Facebook Pixel to your website (for Wordpress Websites):

    1. Open Facebook Ads manager

    2. Then, Click on the three lines at the left hand side and look for ‘Events Manager’

    3. Now, Here, Click on Events Manager and then, You can be asked to connect a data source

    4. As we want to connect our website, We select ‘WEB’ amongst the various options like ‘web’, ‘app’, etc

    5. Next, You will be asked to continue and then you will have the option to download that pixel.

    6. You can download it and then open your website’s Wordpress dashboard.

    7. Here, You will go to ‘Plugins’.

    8. Now, Upload that downloaded file as a plugin on your Wordpress.

    9. Now, Come back to Facebook Ads Manager and click on ‘VERIFY/CONNECT’ etc so that Facebook can see if you have successfully uploaded the pixel onto your website or not.

    10. Then, After Facebook gives you the thumbs up, Your pixel is connected and from that moment onwards,That Facebook pixel will track visitors on your website.

    11. So, You will be able to re-target them on Facebook via using Facebook Ads.

    Facebook ads are extremely important for busineses that want to reach people that have visited their website or even particular pages. Even then, The pixel kicks in and plays a vital role. So, Installing the pixel is quite crucial for your website to target the right audience.Facebook currently has Whatsapp, Instagram and 


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