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Divi Installation Step By Step Process: A Beginner's Guide To Installing Divi On Wordpress

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How to activate DIVI Page builder on Wordpress:

Add the ‘DIVI’ zip file on Wordpress.

Then, In order for this to work, You will need a plugin called ‘Classic Editor’. Simply go to ‘Plugins’, then, say ‘Add New’ and search for ‘Classic Editor’. Install and activate it.

Then, When you want to make a new page. Go to ‘Pages’ and say ‘Add New’

Then, Give the page name and select ‘Divi Builder’ and then ‘Visual Builder’

Here, You can first start building from scratch by selecting the same and by starting by adding a new section by clicking on the BLUE PLUS icon.

Then, You will be asked to select the number of columns, so, Let’s say you want to add an image, a text and a video side by side. So, Here, You will be requiring three columns. 

And, Then, In order to select the image, text and video module, You need to select the GREY PLUS ICON and then select the respective module.

Now,You can also duplicate the module to save time. Also, If you want to add something beneath or above  a module, then, Move your mouse and look for the GREY PLUS icon and select the particular module. You can also reorder the modules by simply choosing the two intersected lines(double sword like icon) to reorder things.


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