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5 Hacks To Land A Job Using Linkedin

Here are a list of 5 things which would blow away your mind if you are looking for a new job or job change on Linkedin:

 1) This one is especially for Indians.Linkedin has been running a program called-'MTV Linkedin Get A Job'.

This program cum contest asks you to apply through your Linkedin profile.

If your Linkedin profile is adjudged good enough (Make sure that you fill out all the basic information on your profile before applying.It would boost your chances of qualifying.)

Secondly, Selected candidates will have to make a one minute video stating why they are the best candidate for the job/internship.

After you get through this round,You will be facing your competitors in an interview round in a televised format on MTV. 

 2) If you are a student and looking for a job opportunity on Linkedin, then,  It would be a crime for you to not switch-on the 'Career Mode' option on Linkedin.

This option can be turned on through your latest updated Linkedin app by going to your profile page and switching it on.  It would allow your profile to be shared with recruiters on Linkedin.

 3) Another important point you don't wanna miss is the fact that Linkedin tries to maintain highly the secrecy of you looking for a job or a job change.

What that means is that if you are already doing a job, but, want to change it, even, then you can switch on the career mode because your company where you are working right now is highly unlikely to know that you are on the look for a new job.

 4) You would also be surprised to know that Linkedin allows you to get advice from experts on the same platform.

You can again access this option from your latest updated app of Linkedin by going to your profile page and selecting the required fields where you are seeking advice for.

(Linkedin would also recommend you professionals with whom you can seek advice from for your career.)

 5) You would also be at a huge loss if you aren't adding more skills to your Linkedin profile. According to Linkedin, Adding atleast 5 skills to your profile gives you 17x more profile views which would undoubtedly mean more opportunities for you. 

(Pro Tip: You can add upto 50 skills, I would suggest add all of them and start asking your friends and connections to endorse you for these skills. More the endorsements, Better would be your rank according to Linkedin.) 

 I know you guys are awesome, so, go there and just kill it! Remember,You don't win and lose in life.

You win and learn in life. 

So, Keep trying and keep hustling because you are going to ROCK IT!

 I hope you enjoyed reading this article.For more such articles,You can hit the follow button here on Linkedin.


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