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12 Ways To Sky Rocket The Reach Of Your Blog

How to expand the reach of your blog:

1. Write detailed articles. Write down the step-by-step guide, show the flowcharts with screenshots if required. Let people understand the entire procedure from your blog itself so that they don’t need to go somewhere else and so that they keep coming back to your blog.

2. Keep an engaging title like: ‘5 Digital Marketing Tools that will blow your mind’, ‘You would have never heard this secret of Marketing’ and so on.

3. Include the keyword (the word for which you want to rank for) in your title of the article. Try to keep it at the beginning of the title.

4. Use the keyword an optimum number of times in the article itself.

5. Try to keep the article’s readability easy. That is use easy words, simple language and short sentences and paragraphs.

6. Avoid grammatical mistakes.

7. Use images, but, avoid using high resolution images as it may take down the speed of the website
Enable comments so that people will be able to discuss the topic you have written or even give feedback to you.

8. Use sub-headings as well so that the use can quickly navigate through the article:
Like, If you’re talking about Digital Marketing, then, You can give subheadings for Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc that is maybe you can make them bold/italic to help them stand out.

9. Also, Make sure to promote your other articles in the present article.
That is if you’re writing about Digital Marketing and giving short description about every module like affiliate marketing, etc and you have also written another article on your blog/website which is completely focused on Affiliate Marketing, then, Make sure to give this ‘Detailed affiliate marketing’ a link from this ‘Digital marketing’ article.

10. Use the keyword in the URL of the article in the website.Use social sharing buttons in your article/page to allow readers to share your content with others.

11. There is a consistent colour combination and consistency maintained throughout the article. Like in Neilpatel’s articles, the links(the ones which take visitors from one page of a website to another page of the same or maybe different website) are given in orange colour. So, This makes the visitor easy to navigate the entire page.

12. Write content in regional languages as well. Because there is a demand for that.
Selection of a proper niche is important as well in blogging. You can select a topic that you’re passionate about and can maybe a topic that you can monetize as well.

So, If you write about mobiles and laptops and all the technological related stuff, then, it would be easier for you to place affiliate links of products like mobile phones, laptops, etc. While if you choose a topic like ‘Whatsapp messaging’ then it would become slightly difficult to monetize such a topic.


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