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2020 में नौकरी पाने के लिए अद्भुत लिंकिन टिप्स

Linkedin Profile Tips That Would Rule in 2020

Here are some tips for all you awesome people:

Linkedin Profile Tips. Yes, You heard it right. I'm talking about not Instagram, not Facebook, not Twitter, but, Linkedin.

Linkedin is a powerhouse that can explode your personal brand. But, WAIT! Do you have your Linkedin profile optimised in order to that. If YES, Fantastic! If not, Here, I will be sharing some of my favourite Linkedin Profile Tips that would rock your Linkedin profile.

But, Before i tell you that, Who am i to talk about Linkedin and why should you believe me and take Linkedin Profile tips from me? So,Let me share that I have successfully used Linkedin to get my first TEDx talk, my first international book feature, features in international magazines like Entrepreneur and many more life changing opportunities.

So, I'm very confident that these Linkedin Profile Tips are going to help you garner such amazing opportunities.

Here are 10 Best Practices to Get more exposure on Linkedin, but, before that, Let’s talk about numbers. Shall we?

$ 26,200,000,000.

Counted the number of zeroes, Guys in this figure?

Guys, It’s 26.2 Billion dollars. Yes, Billion with a ‘B’.

Or, In Indian rupees, That’s One Lakh and Seventy Thousand Crore rupees!

That’s one heck of an amount.

And, You would be surprised to know that this is the amount that Microsoft paid to acquire Linkedin in the year 2016.

So, It goes without saying that if a company Microsoft pays such a gigantic amount to b0ring in something, then, that something has to be something BIG!

And, It indeed is! Linkedin, Today adds 2 members every second.

It’s fast evolving and changing people’s lives.

In fact, I cannot imagine what I would have done without Linkedin.

My first TEDx talk , My first international book feature, International magazine features, Keynote speaking opportunities and various other mind blowing chances have come to me because of Linkedin.

Today, I enjoy a following of 24,000+ on the platform (Screenshot shared below) and have garnered millions of views on the platform. I am saying this not to brag but am sharing this so that I could properly establish my credibility with you.

Alright, Guys. Now, We have talked a bit about Linkedin, why not dive deep into how you can leverage Linkedin to get your dream job or dream client.😀

  1. Linkedin Profile Picture:

Guys, Science says that people judge each other in a matter of a few seconds. And, So, Knowingly or unknowingly, People are going to make a firm first impression of you by seeing your profile picture.

And, So, It’s quite important to have a great profile picture if you want to stand out.

So, It’s quite simple.

Have a profile picture wherein your face is visible. You are smiling. And, You look professional.

In other words: Have a great headshot for your Linkedin profile picture.

2. Linkedin Headline

Linkedin headline is where you share your industry.

Share about what you are currently doing professionally.

And, How you can help the other person visiting your profile.

Linkedin gives you a 120 character limit to write your headline.

Make sure that you use this limit and put in important keywords that are relevant for your business.

3. Linkedin Skills

If you see my profile, You will see that I have added various skills that are relevant to my profile.

Not many people know that you can add up to 50 skills on your Linkedin profile.

You should use this skills section to show off things that you are good at.

Adding more skills would help optimize your profile.

And, Getting endorsements for them does wonders too.

I recommend you add the maximum number of skills and put efforts in getting endorsements for these mentioned skills.

4. Linkedin ‘Public’ Visibility:

Make sure that your Linkedin profile’s visibility is set to public.

In this manner, Even if someone who doesn’t have a Linkedin account will be able to see what services you offer.

This is an important setting and make sure you change it right away.

5.Linkedin Articles:

Previously referred to as ‘Linkedin Pulse’, Now, Linkedin allows anyone to publish an article on their platform.

Yes! No blogging or Wordpress or other skills required.

Simply, Click on ‘Write an article’ and begin.

Then, Enter the title of the article, Write the body of the article, Add photos, embed videos and pdf files and BOOM!

Your article is ready to be published! Hit the publish button and share it with your friends, family and everyone!

6.Connect With People:

One simple way to ensure that more people consume your content is to connect with more people.

Isn’t it, Guys?

The more people you are connected with, Well, More are the chances that your content can be seen by them.

So, Go ahead and connect with people.

Initially, Send connection requests to people whom you know, so that, Once these people who know you start accepting your requests and you have a good small connections’ network, then, You can take it from here and send requests to people whom you don’t know.

So, Now, The people who don’t know you will see you are connected to quite a few people and they will see you as a Linkedin member.

So, The chances that they will accept your connection request drastically increases.

7. Create Awesome Content:

I know what you might have heard about this time and time again.

But, What can we do?

If you go to a restaurant and see the ambience is amazing, the floor is super clean, the bathroom is very neat, the staff if very cooperative and supportive, but the food ‘sucks’, then, would you go to this restaurant again?

In most cases, you won't, right?

Why? Because the #1 reason why you are going there is to eat great food and if you don’t get that properly, What’s the use behind going there, right?

Similarly, Assume that our Linkedin profile is the restaurant and our content is the food.

More great the food, Greater would be the word of good mouth of the restaurant.

8.Be Resourceful:

I know most of you reading this article would have heard about Gary Vee’s concept: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

The concept is inspired from boxing and basically means that you add value, you add value, you add value and then you ask for some value to be received.

What I mean is don’t simply indulge in promoting your website, your Youtube video, your affiliate links and so on Linkedin.

First, Add value to your readers.

Educate them. Engage them with your content.

Don’t sell first. Rather, Add value first.

9.Research Your Audience:

Are you connected to more United States people or more Indian people?

Are you connected to more United Kingdom people or more Australians?

Thought about the answer?

Okay. So, Why am I asking you to think about this?

Simple. Because you should know about your audience.

Because if there are more Indians in your connections then it makes not much sense to post at 11: 30 p.m IST because most people will be fast asleep or will be on the verge of sleeping.

So, Research your audience and post when they will be active.

10.Maintain A Consistent Schedule To Post Content:

Guys, Do you watch TV Shows?

Have you heard about the show Big Brother( Bigg Boss for Indians)?

I’m sure most of you would have at least heard of it if not watched it.

The show which runs at different times in different countries continues to gain TRP( Television Rating Points) and has garnered a huge loyal following.

The audience of this TV show is quite huge and people love watching contestants of this show who basically get confined in a house and do various tasks and daily life activities.

Now, The question comes: Why am I sharing this with you?

It’s simple. I want to share with you that the show has consistency. It has consistency in it’s format. It also has consistency as to when it comes on the TV screens and more.

So, As so many parameters are consistent, people expect particular type of content at a particular time from them.

So, The question stands: Does your audience expect from you a particular type of content at particular intervals of time.

Hope this adds value to your Linkedin profile and helps you reach more people! Also, You can get your Linkedin Profile Optimised By me HERE.



(The above stated link is an affiliate link that is i would get a commission when you sign-up for the free trial)

You can get your Linkedin Profile Optimised to get your Career Opportunities Maximised: [3]


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