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2020 में नौकरी पाने के लिए अद्भुत लिंकिन टिप्स

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Linkedin Profile Tips That Would Rule in 2020

Here are some tips for all you awesome people:Linkedin Profile Tips. Yes, You heard it right. I'm talking about not Instagram, not Facebook, not Twitter, but, Linkedin.Linkedin is a powerhouse that can explode your personal brand. But, WAIT! Do you have your Linkedin profile optimised in order to that. If YES, Fantastic! If not, Here, I will be sharing some of my favourite Linkedin Profile Tips that would rock your Linkedin profile.But, Before i tell you that, Who am i to talk about Linkedin and why should you believe me and take Linkedin Profile tips from me? So,Let me share that I have successfully used Linkedin to get my first TEDx talk, my first international book feature, features in international magazines like Entrepreneur and many more life changing opportunities.So, I'm very confident that these Linkedin Profile Tips are going to help you garner such amazing opportunities.Here are 10 Best Practices to Get more exposure on Linkedin, but, before that, Let’s talk about n…

5 Rare Known Ways To Rock Your Next Job Interview

If you want to get ACCEPTED in your JOB INTERVIEW, Here are a few rules to follow:
1) Get into the room with utmost confidence. Enter with intriguing eyes, a bright smile and an open body language.2) When asked about your introduction, Go all guns blazing. Start with a bang and stick to your strengths. (Don’t say I am not good at studies, I am from Nashik, I have a brother and so on. Imagine that you have got a minute to audition yourself. So, Things which would matter the most)3) Don’t say words which you don’t know much about or don’t use words to just show your exceptional vocabulary. Because the interviewer may ask you to elaborate on any particular word or phrase you used.4) If you don’t know an answer to a question asked, simply accept the fact that you are still young and learning about it and that you don’t know much about it. Sometimes, Vulnerability is a key sign of being courageous.5) Always respect the interviewers. Don’t be causal in your approach and take them for granted…

How To Create A Compelling Personal Brand

Hey Guys!I will keep this article short and simple.From getting rejected to speak at international stages time and time again to being a two time TEDx speaker featured in magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, etc; My journey has been quite lovely.
And, To make it even more lovely, I thought of sharing my Personal Branding journey with you.Let's explore the things one by one with you:1.Speaking at stages like TEDx gives a lot of credibility. I have spoken atTEDx BalajiITS andTEDx NorthCapUniversity . It has helped my profile a lot. (Bonus: If you want to speak at TEDx, Don't apply to speak via nomination forms. Nomination forms would rarely get you a TEDx talk. Rather, Focus on getting seen in front of the organisers of TEDx events.)2. Try getting featured in magazines likeForbesHuffington PostEntrepreneur, etc. When people google your name, These articles help in establishing your credibility.3. Get featured in podcasts to share your views on your areas of e…

How To Get A Job Via Linkedin?

How to get a job via Linkedin?