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How to become a TEDx speaker in India: My Story from 13 Rejections to 2 Time TEDx Speaker

  How to become a TEDx speaker in India? Maybe, How to become a TEDx speaker. I am guessing these are the type of  questions that's running in your mind right now? Well, of course! That's my you might have come to this article in the first place (silly me!) So, Let's dive into the article and know how to get a TEDx talk in India or How to become a TEDx speaker in India or anywhere in the world(If you apply the technique that I'm going to share then you might bag your dream of speaking at TEDX)? Well, before I even share any piece of advice with you regarding this, I want to share with you why I think I might be able to answer your question- How to become a TEDx speaker in India So, I actually had applied for TEDx talks for around 13 times but guess what I was rejected almost every time. So, with grace of god and my parents' blessings, after getting rejected for around 13 times, I was invited to give my first TEDx talk at TEDx BalajiITS, Warangal, Telangana.

5 Hacks To Land A Job Using Linkedin

Want to know the secret hacks to land a job(via Linkedin)? Want to know how I got my job using Linkedin? If YES, Then, In this article, I will show you five secret hacks to land a jo b using Linkedin. Here are a list of 5 things which would blow away your mind if you are looking for a new job or job change on Linkedin:  1) This one is especially for Indians.Linkedin has been running a program called-'MTV Linkedin Get A Job'. This program cum contest asks you to apply through your Linkedin profile. If your Linkedin profile is adjudged good enough (Make sure that you fill out all the basic information on your profile before applying.It would boost your chances of qualifying.) Secondly, Selected candidates will have to make a one minute video stating why they are the best candidate for the job/internship. After you get through this round,You will be facing your competitors in an interview round in a televised format on MTV.   2) If you are a student and looking for a job opportuni

Step By Step Procedure To Connect Google Ads Account To Google Merchant Centre

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Facebook Ads: A Beginner's Guide To Understand What The Buzz Is All About

Credit: Facebook Ads (Facebook Advertisements) is a platform where we as marketers, businesspeople, freelancers, organizations,etc can pay money to Facebook to reach more people. So, It’s a marketing method. We can run Facebook ads to create more brand awareness, get more leads (potential customers), generate more sales, get more views on our videos, get more likes on our page, get more likes on our posts and so on.  (If you're into Digital Marketing, Then, You may want to read this article where very crucial tips on how to spice up your LinkedIn profile which would help you get your dream job or dream client via Linkedin) But, Before we dive into the details of Facebook Ads, Let’s ask ourselves a question. When we can do Social Media Marketing for free, then, Why do we need advertisements ? Here are certain points which would explain why as businesses we may want to consider running advertisements:  Trying to get more eyeballs for free may tak